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microsoft teams integration

Microsoft TEams

Give your users the best of both worlds!

Unify OpenScape 4000, Unify OpenScape Voice integration with Microsoft Teams provides your users number portability and the ability to make and receive calls via existing infrastructure.

Microsoft Teams, just like your Unify solution isnt everything to everyone, however, bringing the two together provides a solution to meet all your business needs. 

CRM Integration

Take your Unify OpenScape Contact Centre to the next level with CRM Integration.

Enhance first contact resolution with customer data at the ready. Digital workflows efficiently connects new and existing contacts with people and functions across the business.

Drive customer loyalty and experience delivery instant satisfaction.  

ServiceNow Integration


Indepth product knowledge is key to understanding what is available and what can be acheived through integration.

Driven by customer requirements our Professional Services Integration team can deliver.

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