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How A Bespoke Solution Helped Our Client Reduce Costs by 50% and Increase Productivity

How A Bespoke Solution Helped Our Client Reduce Costs by 50% and Increase Productivity

Having a good communication setup is vital in any industry, especially when your industry involves being on the phone and setting up calls and meetings. A breakdown in communication and being overbilled can slow down business and be a complete money sink for the client involved. A business seeking help came to us a few months ago with complaints about Telstra and IT expenses and support, the company that they were working with at the time, and this is their story.

A Breakdown in Communication

A few months ago, a business seeking help approached us complaining about multiple issues concerning their phones, network, support and IT space, and they were paying money on bills for their calling solution for things that they didn't need at all. Before coming to us for help, they had been working with Telstra for two years, and after relocating their services, an issue in the system came up which caused one in three call attempts to fail severely. They had also been receiving bills that they couldn’t understand.

The problem seemed to persist even after Telstra sent out technicians to figure out the problem, even going as far as replacing equipment. After multiple problem reports, the problem was still not rectified, and it was time to change something.

Discovery Process and Finding Solutions

Our new client sent us all of the invoicing and accounts they had previously had with Telstra, asking us to find a solution. After deciphering all of the specifics of their contracts and the invoices that perplexed them, we discovered that over 50% of their A$15,000 budget was being spent on items that were either wrongfully invoiced or completely unnecessary.

We also found that the deployed solutions did not even meet the requirements of the customer. In this particular case, we determined that the only way we could meet our client's requirements was to craft a bespoke solution for them.

In the end, our bespoke solution enabled our client to enjoy:

  • Call recording with archiving and indexing to Microsoft SharePoint

  • Call recording of mobile phones connected with the office

  • Ability to have telephone handsets at home and maintain call recording

  • Send and receive SMS without paying for each SMS

  • Low-cost SIP trunks with included calls

  • Shared lines, not per handset

When we took a look at the network, we decided to replace all of the devices that had monthly charges and only billed them for a single capital expenditure charge, which was merely equivalent to 1 months’ worth of expenses.

How We Can Help You

With the ever-growing need to work with other businesses, and the risks involved with overcharging, it can be hard to know which companies you want to work with. We here at EvotecHLS work with complete transparency and work with each client to meet their needs without overcharging them. In this particular case, we not only met the needs of the client better than our competitors, but we also reduced their monthly costs for IT and telephony services by 50%.

We constantly develop solutions to either resolve limitations or enhance the solutions we provide, and this client, in particular, was more than satisfied with the results our team provided.


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